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Endowment in Time Travel


Endowment in Time Travel

Instead of spending a long time waiting for the mango tree to ripen after sowing, just imagine if you could skip right to the end and enjoy the sweetness of the fruit. In reality, it is still not possible within the parameters of scientific boundaries for now. However today, one can actually “time travel” by moving into the later stages of one’s endowment policies. Wouldn’t it be great to travel forward to the ending part of an endowment policy and wait only for a few years before maturity?

Endowment policies are typically saving programmes that had been funded for a period with a fixed tenure to maturity. Most people would have bought or heard of an endowment plan at one point in time. However, not many are aware that there is the other option of purchasing resale endowment policies on the market.

Time Saving and Higher Returns

Traded / Resale Endowment plans are essentially policies that people gave up due to various reasons. These policies had been funded for a period hence the time horizon for maturity is shorter. Growth in endowment plans would usually be slower in the initial years as compared to the later stages of the policies. This is because distribution costs have been factored in heavily during the initial years and move straight to the later stages of the policies where the compounding effect is stronger. By taking advantage of this, you do not have to wait 25 years anymore for the policy to mature.

Largest Service Provider

REPs Invest is currently the largest service provider for Traded / Resale Endowment Policies. After nine years of experience in dealing with resale endowments, REPs Invest has nurtured a team of dedicated consultants that are proficient in providing holistic solutions for various needs of clientele. From the first point of contact with REPs Invest, the consultants will guide them and facilitate the whole process through liaising and after the new policyholders take ownership of the resale endowment policies, our consultants will continue to handle the accounts and service the clients if they require further assistance.

Tailored Solutions to Fit your Needs

Endowment policies are a form of instrument used to achieve an individual’s financial goals. Every policy has its benefits and limitations. For endowment policies, the time horizon for maturity is usually between 10 to 25 years. With REPs Invest, we offer a wide range of tailored endowment policies, ranging from 5 to 8 years’ time horizon with better returns.

In short, REPs Invest is the time machine that helps you to achieve these two benefits through “time traveling” endowment policies: 1) shorter time horizon 2) better returns.

With the insights that you have acquired today, would you still want to go with the traditional way of buying a new endowment plan or “time travel” and reap the benefits of a traded / resale endowment policy?

Making an informed decision early could change your financial future. Call us at 6221 4770 to find out more.